November 9, 2015

Berlin For A Day or Two - Monday Post

Two weeks ago I got this immensly wonderful mail in my inbox. A friend from New York had asked if four five days later I would be around Berlin. It was not my plan till then,but I made it my plan. So I sat on a train for half a day & emerged in Berlin right after his flight arrived. He is one of my dearest chums from way back as I lived for the first time in Italia. It was this season of life when friends told me I should watch Big Bang Theory and I vehemently  resisted because I had all of this in real life right outside my door. Speaking of  sharing a house with approximately thirty computer scientists and engineers. Till now it is one of my favorite times of my life.

 I loved being able to drive up to Berlin and hang out for two days. Have our wonderful conversations, take a stroll around Berlin in fall, make nerd jokes, try craft beer and finally being introduced to lol. Till this past weekend I thought lol is laughing out loud. Turns out I was wrong and this Lol championship is also a good reason to pay Germany a visit.

Thanks for the time!! ;)

One of my favourite piazza´s (Gendarmenmarkt

Have the most wonderful new week!!
Enjoy the crazy mild November weather!

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