November 16, 2015

Golden Fall - Monday Post

Last weekend  on Saturday I got up really early an drove for one hour south... nothing unusual from my wedding routine, but geuss what? It was not a wedding saturday... and with all this incredible golden, mild goodness of this years fall I can get pretty grumpy when I am not able to take pictures around the best hours of the day... you know it being a satuday and a gourgeous one and all...

Therefore I decided to take my little baby (my camera, to avoid confusions) to the Christ crusade meeting from all of southwest Germany. Well... here is what happened. I asked Martin if he would like to sneak out for a mini break and shoot in the little wilderness behind the house. 

Let me just say... there was a lot of gold, in the leaves, in the air and in the hair.
Come along and see it for yourself.

 Okay... and because I loved the friggin light so much I handed over the camera... and you dear friend will have the rare opportunity to see me actually explain what I do...

1. Thing. Find the sweet light spot. Alla stumbling through the bush.

2. Find the focus point in the camera (which is the middle one with me)

3. Focus on the eyes. (important this one)
 I think these images are hilarious... Do I really look like this? I guess so.

and shoot away. :)

Martin, Thank you for the fun time & the images! I love them.

Also, if you want to see more of me explaining there will be more basic photography workshops. Jan & I taught our second basic photography workshop just two days ago & we found be both liked it a great deal. And since the attendees asked for more I guess it was not so bad after all. Stay tuned and check the Blog for more to come. If you want to have an early mail send us a note to :
We look forward to hear from you.

Have a wonderful new week!


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  1. I have a few friends that do too. Only two though. One of them won't admit it, but takes pictures ALL the time, with a cheapo digital camera. And the other has her own business and has the professional camera and everything. I can see the passion in both of the two. But.. I can't find anything in me.. But I love it.
    But, I'm not going to get any where without being good. And they don't do anything but point and shoot! And it comes out PERFECT.

    I've let my friend use my camera sometimes, I have an in-between camera, and she does the same thing as I do. But hers come out as if she's using a thousand dollar camera! And mine come out just like a digital camera...
    I love photography, and I don't want to give up.

    IS there a way to help me? Like, tips and such??
    Tony Lendrum Photoshoot