October 30, 2015

Q&A - Wedding Albums - For those who plan

Happy Friday ya´ll!

Today I thought is a good day for some Questions&Answers one of the more frequent questions we get asked by our couples during and after the wedding planning process.
Today I will share the arrival of my very first studio album. Could not be more thrilled about how pretty it is! 

Do we offer wedding albums?
The simple and beautiful answer is yes, we do. :)

After some search on Jan´s side he decided to settle with the exquisite album company Finao. We like the high quality products they offer and I in particular like their selection of cover materials.

What cover materials do we offer?
We have a selection of fabrics and real leather. You can have a look at them at our studio or here.

Who designs the album?
We will design the album pages for you. We have found that the best way to tackle this overwhelming task to select images is, when we make a first selection & you and your spouse go over the first draft and add or cull images. Of course you can send us a selection of your favourite images as well. 

How long does the shipping take?
Since we order the album from the U.S. the shipping can take three to four weeks. Depending on the season and how many albums are in the process of being designed we might wait for one more album finish to make a collective order. 

 (Rici waiting for the post man and jumping around with happy squeaks upon this poor man`s arrival) 


Beautiful packaging:

My album is a " One " album and the leather I selected is called " Date Book
It seriously is my favourite album in our collection of studio albums!

And one last glimpse into our studio front room. 
If you have more questions about albums & album design feel free to enquire with us and come to the studio to have a look at our selection of wedding albums. 

Have a gorgeous fall weekend!


 Albums company: Finao
Studio: Jan Will Photography 

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