December 4, 2015

Vine Lover´s Castle Wedding

There is no better place for vine aficionados to get married, but a castle surrounded by plenty of vine. It was the sweetest day as the couple laid eyes on each other for the first time in a tiny village church down the valley. Joy spilled over contagiously.

 I just loved how my couple approached the day with their friends & family. Planning plenty of time to be among the their favourite people. And all the incredible details. Gah, it was a perfect day. During the golden hour they agreed to come along and sneak outside for ten minutes to stand in the twilight between the branches. 

Thank you so very much for the honour for asking me along! It was truly a special day & I love the remember it with the favourite images ;)

Here is to detail oriented creatives ;)

I just love rosemary for place settings!

And the gentlemen.

Such a favorite moment.

 Location for the day: Burg Stettenfels
I shot this wedding for Jan, thank you for everything ;)

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