March 31, 2016

Schloss Weikersheim Wedding

As the new winter semester had started, we all met for the first time on a Tuesday night with Campus (Connect in Würzburg).
Little did I guess that the same night two lives were changed. From the first glance & sentence he was hooked. He charmingly persisted to keep the conversation coming and somehow the they chatted late after all had left. Just from the first meeting nothing was the same anymore. 

Then I received the most charming mail in my inbox & decided to travel to Würzburg to meet  them in person. From the first conversation to the last line of the wedding party I felt the appreciation of my photography like seldom before. You are such a dream to be around and to photograph! When you mentioned that portraits are the most important images I could not believe my luck & silently had a cupcake party in my head over the locations & day planning you had spread before me.

Together we started out in Würzburg, toured the city highlights on a sunny Saturday from the Alte Mainbrücke to the famous Residenz. Taking refreshments on the road & reminding them every now and then to take deep breaths and drink enough water. I loved the moment when you turned to me and replied, but Rici, you should also not forget to breath. haha. True, all the tourists in my back made me a bit nervous. ;)

Afterwards we drove to their jaw-dropping dream of a location, castle & garden Weikersheim & then I died. I mean these two are the most gorgeous couple I could dream up to stroll across the baroque lawn with, during the golden hour. 

You two;
A love and a day like yours is what I dream & work for. You not only cherish each other with each look & word. You make all around you feel special. You live in the example of spreading honour & speaking kindness.
It was a treat documenting the beginning of your marriage. Thank you so much for asking me along!!! 
All the best & many blessings for you!

 Completely loved portrait time with them!!!

Loved all the thoughtful details! 
From the cream tones to the lace ribbons.

Portrait locations: Würzburg Alte Mainbrücke (here), Residenz Würzburg (here), Schlossgarten Weikersheim (here


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