January 10, 2012

How to wrap a bride

~ Laura + John´s Winter Wedding ~ 
Time with the girls and the joy of getting ready.

Looking at the pictures and browsing through my memories it is almost too hard and beautiful to pick a beginning to share. I meet Laura in my hometown a couple of years ago and she is one of the persons very dear to my heart. Despite the distance of the very big ocean between us. Because, yes, Laura lives in the States, more specifically in Oklahoma… not exactly the next weekend trip. As I made her acquaintance in my church I would have never dreamed that I would one day travel to her wedding. She is a very special friend with whom I have shared my fair share of deep, sincere and most silly-laughter-filled conversations. I love this mixture. As she wrote to me and broke the news about getting married to the man she loves, I immediately told her I will come, no matter what. And this is what I did. Every time when I meet Laura again, I recover this phenomenon, that no matter how many months, or years ago we met the last time in person, I warm up to her in the blink of an eye. After half an hour it is as if we were never separated for such a lengthy time, we laugh and make jokes like it were yesterday. That is what I love about her. And she is smart. She probably speaks better German than I do. She has a passion for German in the way I am passionate for the English language. She is utmost beautiful and I think she should give the modeling thing another try. Honestly Laura, I do!

Did I say wrap a bride? Oh yes. Laura had this amazing Vera Wang dress with a cute, rose bow and now as the wedding day came near, it was my task to wrap her. Yuppie. First time ever I wrapped a bride! We had practiced this already for the bridal shooting (and one time before that, when it has to be right…) and on the day of her wedding it was my turn to warp her up as beautiful as I could. Now this was the one moment I did not take pictures of from all the precious preparation time ;-)

Laura thank you for having me so close around you all the days before the wedding and especially for your BIG day. We really spent every day together and I still marvel at John´s patience. I was even in the happy state of being able to wake the bride – really – when do you ever get to wake the bride and sing “ Oh what abeautiful morning”, “You are getting married today!”I don´t say that I did that… Oh yes I did. Haha. Such fun! I could write more. A LOT more. Laura, thank you for all the intimate insights in your wedding, I was truly honored to be at your side, to hold your hand, to tell you how beautiful you looked and share all these moments. It was breath taking!

I mentioned I was with the girls from the dawn of day, so I will dedicate this post to the getting ready part of the wedding. The rest of the princess-winter-wedding is coming really soon. Promise.

Laura, you look stuuunning!!

PS, Thank you Marcie for your helping hand!
PSS, sorry for my confusing writing today ;-) I am sure it´s because of the passion.

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