January 14, 2012

Laura + John´s Winter Wedding

I imagine every wedding is filled with exciting firsts. Especially for the happy couple but this time even for me there was a good deal of firsts. It was an overall wonderful day filled excitement. And I think because of that it passed even quicker. In my tiny head the evening flew like five minutes. Anyway, back to the firsts.

It was my very first winter wedding. I suppose it´s because in Germany winter is not a season to get married in. In OK it was a marvelous-sunny-60-degrees-day. This is what we call beginning-of-summer ;-) Laura and John entrusted me their rings so I took the chance to run wild with them and the bling on some Christmas decoration. It had to be.

It was my first time I took “first-look-pictures”. I am determined to bring this fashion back to Europe and make it BIG. The wonderful part was, that I could join Lee (check him out!) for this part, we both took pictures of the opposite reactions! It was sooo much fun.

It was the first time that I sang and photographed at a wedding. It was fun. But this was the last time. Laura and John, this was for you! I think in the future it will do me better to concentrate on one of these beloved activities ;-) BUT, it was also the first time that someone started to dance while I sung (I guess it was because of the very good jazz band behind me.) Sooo big, wonderful FIRST for me!

Another great moment to be with the girls was, when we invited Laura´s Dad Tim into her room. He was so thrilled to be invited into what he called “the sanctuary”. Hihi.

Well, as the party started, I put my camera down and enjoyed the dancing. First time for me twirling the princess (Laura, that would be you). First time to dance the “last dance” with the father of the bride.
It was a really wonderful day and certainly one which will be in my memory for loooong. I am very thankful to have been part of it and to have met many wonderful people.

Laura and John I wish for you, that you have many wonderful firsts as a married couple and that the exciting firsts may never end.

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