January 29, 2012

Portrait session with Elspeth

Remembering my first stay in Oklahoma Elspeth was certainly among the people I looked sooo forward to meet again. During my first stay I remember we set out to go slack lining in the park and this was the first time I ever did it. Every time Elspeth was involved in any of the undertaking it meant the best jolly time ever. So naturally I was very excited to do some shooting with her. She is one of these creative people which impressed me during my stay. She sings, writes music and has this natural good taste for beauty and style. I love this combination. So for her it was only natural that I should have some pictures this day as well. And she made me very happy with that. Because like I said, she has the eye. ;-)

Thank you Elspeth for this wonderful day with you!

If you would like to hear her latest piece she played on Oklahoma Live TV go here.

I wish you all a very nice week!

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  1. WOw It is schön!fantastisch

    Paolo siena :P