November 13, 2012

  I have mentioned it before and I will say it again. During my past year in Bella Italia, the one thing I truly missed in my day to day life was my Crusade group. Yes, this wonderful group of people all steering into the same direction. Not till I had stumbled upon them did I really arrive in Bavaria. They made me feel welcome. Suddenly weekends were not to long but to short. Every single week there is something going on. Never alone. I adored that new feeling as I moved to Bavaria the first time in 2010. 

I love the fact that there are young students who believe in God and profoundly care about the gospel and about sharing it. 

As I came back in October I was sheerly overwhelmed at how this group had exploded. The amount of people suddenly squeezing into the room had doubled. 
How amazing is that?!?!

To share some of that joy, here are some snapshots from last week. This is just a minimal glimpse of our team. I hope to have the chance to photograph them all any time soon.

What is Crusade? Crusade for Christ is a international student organization.
You can find the international page right here
And if you happen to be in Würzburg tonight, you could check out this place and come and meet us, hear personal stories and have a drink.

I wish you the most wonderful Tuesday!

Till soon!

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