November 30, 2012

One year of Blogging

One year.

One year ago in November I decided to get involved in the Bloggosphere and bring my images closer to you.
One year and 133 Blog posts, infinite FB posts, and lots of hours written away later... we are here.

Yes WE. Because without you stopping by, reading and commenting, this would not have been possible. So Thank you! Yes YOU! You, who are reading this. I´m ever so glad for people even looking on my Blog, my work and my love. For love, beauty and the sheer marvelousness of life.

Since some days I was reflecting on all the wonderful things which have happened to me during this year. My To-do Lists which have gone from ~ Link Facebook to Blog, ~ Link Blog to Twitter and ~ Logo make over... To: ~ get a Photo printer ~ buy the 35mm 1.8 lens. and other great things.

Often when I´m stuck in my all day business I forget about the beautiful things which already happened during one year of getting more involved. So today, I´m looking back, remembering the first shoot I did in Italia, the last cool lens I purchased, my desk being filled with sessions of people who trust me to take their images.


So thank you ever so much for trusting me and for your valuable time!

To have a little celebration a la Rici, I will host a Facebook give-away next week!!! Stay TUNED!
Have a super great weekend!

~   Tanti salutiiii.   ~

PS; the Post most looked at during the last year is this one. I´m absolutely sure it´s due to my sweet friend Hoss from San Francisco.
The wedding Post most looked at was this love affair. 
Thanks again. <3

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