November 26, 2012

What to wear ~ For those who plan

What to wear for a portrait session?

One of the things I truly enjoy about my sessions is the part of planning. Just recently a client asked for some outfit tips and I was very eager to help her out with a couple ideas. So if you would like to meet up for a portrait shoot, an engagement shoot or any other shoot with me or another photographer, here are my thoughts on the topic.

1)      Wear something you like. I think it´s absolutely crucial for the outcome of the images that you feel good in your outfit.

2)      Bring on some color! I loooove to see some color in outfits, they make the best images EVER. Even on the most overcast day some strong colors make most images pop. If you opt for a couple session I recommend not to over match the outfits. Who can truly say that they wear the same shirt and pants as their partner? 

3)      Prepare more than one outfit. I love me some change during the session and I always ask my clients if they would like to have an outfit change. This of course is optional. But I would soooo badly love to see someone going wild with their outfits.  For example: outfit no 1. Classy, elegant outfit no 2. Sportive, relaxed.

4)      The last advice is a very personal one. I do not like to limit the choice of anybody but I would avoid clothes with these really thin stripes… they make your eyes all fuzzy and the image not exactly quiet. I also do not like huge prints, again a personal preference, since I think they take attention away from the main object, which is you.

Of course you can always ask me about more specific choices before a shoot.

If you would like to see more inspiring pictures you can always shoot me an e-mail.
Where do you find cool outfit ideas?

Have a great Monday.
~   Salutiii.   ~

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