December 13, 2012

Magic in a cup ~ Tutorial ~ Behind the lens

Behind the lens ~ Christmas edition

I thought for a while now that we should do a warmy, whimsy, wintery and glittery Christmas edition of the Behind the lens series. You know... because it´s Christmas time. :-) 
No, not really! But this time of the year the excuse to do something whimsical, glittery and highly kitschy is just broadly accepted without a raised eyebrow. I could do it all year round! 

Sooo, let´s get the reindeers hoppin´.

You need:
 Your total favorite cup
 Christmas lights
 Your camera

1) You fix the Christmas light on the wall/door/tree or object of your choice.

2) Put the cup at a four-Christmas-Elf-elbow-length in front of the lights.

3) Put yourself with the camera attached to your face at a four-and-a-half- Christmas-Elf-elbow-length in front of the cup.

4) Got that? Good!

5) Please sing a happy tune. I insist, this is crucial for the outcome.

6) Adjust your camera if possible in manual mode. (More information on modes are here)
The wider open lens you choose the better magical  pops you will have raising from your cup.
I choose my lens at f.1.8 the widest my cute lens gets. 
Shutter: 1/50
ISO: 650
Lens: 35mm

For this one I played around in Lightroom the preset is called Bleach Bypass and gives this washed out colors. :)

Reindeers hoppin´didn´t I tell you?


Have a very whimsical Thursday!

~   Saluti.   ~ 

1 comment:

  1. Super Idee, eine Lichterkette für den Hintergrund dieser Art zu verwenden.
    Ich würde bei der Ausführung noch ein Stativ, höherer Belichtungszeit und geringerer ISO empfehlen, damit die Tasse im Vordergrunge schärfer und rauschärmer wird.
    Viele Grüße.