December 16, 2012


... are for reflecting.

On life... humans... God´s creation and how it´s all tied together. This verse came into my head while I was thinking about my purpose. Do you know these days? When you come to a halt in your strain of thoughts and ponder upon your purpose? Your worth... 

... and then this verse popped into my head. 
It speaks about a quality I truly adore about my God. His caring. His caring for lives and details. That there is not a single detail about a beautiful human being he´s not aware of. In fact which he did not think of first.

Created. Crafted. Beautifully.

I remember trying to count my hair as a little girl and I´m pretty sure I gave up after a very small amount of hairs... 
But God is kinda different here. He created us. He crafted us. He counted our hair. How amazing is that?
I´m in love with His love for detail!

I hope you see some of His love for detail today!

Have a very beautiful Sunday and a great new start into the last week before Christmas. YEAH!

~   Saluti.   ~

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