July 29, 2013

Lesson learned and a Preview

Soft rain is cooling the face of the city... after weeks of beautiful summer heat, it is just the perfect quiet Monday I needed. More importantly for myself, I´m winding down after a weekend full of "epicness". No kidding! Last weekend was filled with beauty and love and ah horses like no other before!

Before I can share all the beauty with you I thought about parting with a couple of lessons learned from my last weekend in the north of Germany. So if you ever go to a forest wedding, remember to bring the mosquito spray! Yes, big times! I somehow miraculously forgot and after beginning to scratch myself to death was ever so thankful for friends who helped me out with bug spray.

Shooting on one of the warmest days (something close to 40° C) of the year I was incredibly blessed with a kind assistant. A friend of the bride and I gave me a helping hand during the ceremony on Saturday.  Every now and then she approached me with a water bottle and a kind inquiry about my circulation I felt there was an angel looking out for me. Maybe I should consider bringing somebody to assist more often, realizing I´m so much more a team player than a  one person show.

Now enough of me; here is the promised preview from the most marvelous horse wedding EVER.

More to come soooon!!

Have the most beautiful new week!

~   Saluti.   ~

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