July 3, 2013

Library Love: Conny & Daniel Part II

"I don't have to look far to find treasures. I discover them every time I visit a library."
Michael Embry

Usually it´s always really hard to pick a favorite part of a wedding day... because usually I love almost ALL of it. But with this one lovely wedding I already shared some right joy here, well it was easy! You see, each and every love story is unique and has these little special details and for me as a photographer, there is nothing I enjoy more than include bits and pieces of this story in my photography. So we were in a library!!! But not just any library but the very building where Conny and Daniel slowly, quietly formed a deeper interest for each other. Where a vague ohh ...this friend turned to a this is him!! Where treasures in words became a treasure in a friend to face forever with. 

Certainly a favorite! Your giggles and laughter!

Oh Conny! You are soo gorgeous!

Thank you Conny & Daniel!!!! For making this possible! For asking three times for a photography permission! For being beyond gracious with your time! For providing me with immense joy!!!

Have a very happy Wednesday!!

~   Salutiii.   ~

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