July 6, 2013

Sarah & Seppi

For this post, like for no other, I have no good words to start. No funny idea how to put in words all the things which rush through my head when I think of Sarah & Seppi. You see, Sarah and I have been roomies. And as it sometimes happens with roomies, we grew closer than I would have thought and without me noticing it Sarah became a fixture in my German live. I looked forward to her coming home very late and hearing her subtle knock at my door. I looked forward to you know... just a couple minutes turning into hours of wonderful conversations. I looked forward to Sundays, because sometimes Seppi would come over and we would have the longest Sunday breakfasts which could ever be. Sometimes he came even the night before because, you know,  there are so many things to talk about. Sometimes he made bread, sometimes we made cookies. When I think of Sarah, I think of hours spent in the kitchen, usually talking. Or bumping into her on my way to the kitchen in the morning... between the doors and in the hall and all of the sudden 45 minutes have passed. 

You two lovelies! I´m sooo super thrilled that you found each other and that you Seppi, did never give up in conquering my dear roommates heart!
Thank you for allowing me to plan the timing for our shoot, because, oh hello! SOOOOO happy about the super gorgeous light! I´m so happy about the light, that I would almost call it italian sunset glow :) 

That´s the light I´m talking about. <3

I´m basically in awe how you two rocked the formal outfit here with 30°! 


Oh is it really just a week that you left this town?
Well, so crazily looking forward to your wedding!! Till very soon!

Have a fabulous weekend!

~   Salutiiii.  ~

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