July 30, 2013

Friends ~ a mini shoot

Some days - actually no, cross that out. All days, each and every single day we need somebody at our side. As in real people, to meet with face to face. To hang out with after the work craziness. To share highs and lows with. And usually we all need more of that and of telling each other how very much we enjoy their presence in our lives. Because along with other precious things we (I include myself) do that far to little, far to seldom. Here is to a friendship of two girls. To shared time in fields, watching the sunset with a glass of red wine in your hand and a kind soul giggling next to you.

Because we all need that. Steffi, thank you for surprising Lisa with a birthday shoot! I was actually really stunned  how flawlessly both of your hair colors matched the corn in the small field we sat in between the rows of wine.

What I loved about the shoot with you two lovelies was that you stayed after we were done. After I packed up my lens babies and was about to leave, you stayed. You made it your picnic night. You had heart on heart time and enjoyed the sunset. As in real.

Thank you for this fun time!
Have a beautiful Tuesday!

Till soon.
~   Saluti.   ~

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