August 5, 2013

Happy Monday

I took another stroke. Breathed in, held it, exhaled in bubbles. Again. Breathing in the peaceful nothingness under water. The friends call had come unexpected and yes, threw off my plans for today... but hey. It´s summer, it´s 33° C again and just because today my schedule is flexible, I went along. Swimming lane after lane, my brain slowed down with the rhythm of my arms pushing back a new meter of water. I savor moments as these. When all noise is drowned, my ideas become more graspable, more readable. My head seems to fall in order. I love moments like these. Yes, I also love swimming, ha! Who would have thought?!?
So today I was streamlining ideas about Monday´s, a fresh start, a summer and time ahead to be filled.  I was thinking about dreams and wondering if there is a point of no return. When you have dared so much and worked so hard. When you are in the sprint and there is no turning back. When obstacles are subsiding. And lane after lane is not becoming harder or more tiring, but ... scary easier.

We were lying on our blankets, just moments after my lane after lane and she had this soft smile on her face. Her huge brown eyes inquiring after my summer plans. Honestly...I have looked forward to these months without lectures and exams. Just for myself and my images. One dream I would love to materialize is a new design for my brand. If I may be so bold and speak of a brand ;) To finally pour a bit more personality in the pixels on the Blog and on my Facebook page.

How about you? What are your plans or unspoken dreams? I hope that this new Monday, this new month, this bit of summer ahead, may be the time you need to find the right lane.
I know, some are already speaking of fall outfits and falling degrees... but summer is still here. It is right in the middle of your year. Today, tomorrow, this week.

Have an inspired NEW week!

~  Saluti.  ~

PS: more of this cute ring box will come later this week. :)

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