August 19, 2013

Happy Monday & a preview

I can´t figure out why, but I still expect myself to shoot way less than I actually do. So this Saturday I had a lovely wedding shoot and in my naiveness did not have more than 700 shoots on my main camera. Yep. I mean 700 images for two hours. So we were somewhere in the enchanted woods when I saw the counter down to twenty-four shots. Uh...  Luckily I had the second camera loaded with more memory card space and was able to happily shoot away after switching. What do we learn from that?  ... never, ever again trust your index finger. Which directly leads me to a goal I meant to set up for the following weeks. Usually I always shoot with one camera in hand and maybe another one sitting in a bad in some corner. Unfortunately this means when I need a lens swoop I loose a couple of seconds. And sometimes it´s exactly these precious seconds you really don´t wanna miss. So, here is the deal: I will push myself to practice shooting with two cameras. Just for the sake of giving it a try. And for those precious moments.

I´m most happy to share a small preview of the sweetest couple I was able to accompany last Saturday! So thrilled about her hair color and the field were came across. :)
More of them will come to the Blog soooon.

Have a great new Monday!

~  Saluti.  ~

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