August 8, 2013

Married:Sarah & Seppi ~ A Horse Wedding in the woods ~ Part II

This might sound ridiculous to you, but whenever a couple decides to give me a bit of time in the evening I always feel like I have won the main prize. There is nothing like shooting with the newly wed in the sunset glow! Truly, it is making me the happiest of all people. :) Despite being them who just got hitched, haha. Never mind. So whatever you give me, be it ten minutes or thirty. I take it and run with it.
Not.even. exaggerating!

So here comes the second part of Sarah & Seppi´s lovely outdoorsy affair. Beginning with the cutes Shetland ponies which were ever seen to carry them to the games and fun in the evening, leading up to a calm walk in the fields with me and two good humored relatives. Sarah being who she is, never misses the opportunity to make girls happy, turned her two nieces, along side me, into two of the happiest persons of the evening. So we had cute company to our walk and of course, to help carry her dress.

Again, you two! Thank you for this phenomenal day with you!! And for trusting me with precious evening time to shoot away! I adored every minute of it! ENjoy your honeymoon!

Thank you Kathi for jumping in!
Yes, you saw right, there is me at the left. :)

What was I saying?

Oh Sarah!! You look so incredibly beautiful!

Somebody was a bit insecure about this white dress.

Certainly a favorite!

Aaand this one! Gosh, you two!

Have the most beautiful Thursday!! Till soon.

~  Saluti.  ~

PS, you can find the first Part of Sarah & Seppi´s wedding here.


  1. really beautiful photos! lovely blog :)

    1. oh before i forget, is there any way to follow your blog? unfortunately i cannot a link and i would love to see more of your blog in the future!