August 1, 2013

Married: Sarah & Seppi ~ A Horse Wedding in the woods ~ Part I

Where to begin? Well maybe with the first thing that popped into my head as Sarah told me about her engagement and about plans and eyes spilling over with joy...  some months back at our kitchen table. I had my knees pulled up on our kitchen bench and goose bumps just did not stop coming as she told me about horses, fields and summer. "Three daughters married." as exclaimed Mrs Bennet to Mr Bennet at the end of Pride and Prejudice. Yes this was the line which came to my mind. Just that in my case it´s not my daughters but my dear roomies! What sweet joy was I able to share into? Not just one day or one week, but all the months prior. The joy of knowing that two people very dear to me are about to tie the knot.

Dear Sarah and Seppi, thank you for the incredible honor of documenting your love! What a memorable fest it was. So colorful and beautifully crafted like I have rarely seen before. Dear reader, every detail you are about to see was created by loving hands, from the ribbons leading to the ceremony, to every single flower vase, to the benches in the wood, to the rings on the spouses hands. All done by one or the other friend or family member. Sarah, I love your ability of bringing people together and of uniting strangers. Your wedding was such a beautiful reflection of you and Seppi! With guests from over three continents, with music and tunes from foreign countries. My personal highlight was soft harp music under the stars. Oh man, you certainly know how to throw a memorable party!

Not to mention the horses... am I rambling? Sorry, that I´m not sorry! I loved all the horses! Like so badly!! The whole wedding took place on the grounds of Sarah´s parents and thus we were free to take horses for photo shoots as Sarah wished. Which resulted in a very happy Rici. 
Ok, now enough of the story. ENjoy the beauty!

You are so stunning Sarah!

Thank you Bine for capturing the one on the right!

Bine´s angle.

My perspective. :)

You may have guessed so far... there will be a second part! YAY!! Come back next week :)
For sunset portraits and more horses.

Till soon.

~   Saluti.   ~

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  1. Liebe Rici! Ergriffenen Herzens sitzen wir vor dem Rechner und GENIEßEN diese wundervollen Fotos, gemacht von einer wunderbaren Freundin und Künstlerin. Deine Wort- und Bildkunst vermag es den märchenhaften Schleier unserer Traumhochzeit für den Betrachter lebendig werden zu lassen. Nach dieser Woche des Aufräumens und Erholens erweckst Du die Gefühle dieses Tages erneut in unseren Herzen. Thank you Rici! God createt you as an amazing artist. We love you! Hugs and Kisses

    Seppi und Sarah