May 5, 2014

The day I stood on a fire truck

What was not on the list 

 The first photo of the Saturday was not one I took, not even a selfie... not of the location and not even at the location. It was in the morning and I was on my way to the Black Forest, I was about to leave Stuttgart behind and noooo, I did not speed... The slope was just very downhilly. (Oh why)
My father cracked up as I sent him the obligatory outrage whatsapp message.

Late at night, the opposite direction... I tried to avoid killing little frogs on my way home as I was also fighting a huge amount of mist on the street. I was driving some kind of evasive manoeuvre around these little guys which are not hopping but slow motioning, stretching one arm in the air and then just wait ... The first time I crushed one I winced for like 10 minutes.

As the first lighting stroke the area I thought about having yet another speeding ticket waiting for me... it felt like a universal warning... then I realized it was just a lightning ;) Driving home in a huge thunder Storm freaked me out a bit ( a lot).

Also that Saturday I performed my first solo wedding of 2014, without dripping into a guest, bride or pool... Nor falling of a fire truck.

Speaking of fire trucks... yes you read that right! Sometimes on wedding days weird things happen... and then you have the choice to roll with it, or run. As someone suggested it would be best to take the group picture from the fire truck... well... I did not run. I just said, let me put on some pants. I honestly did not want to climb a vintage fire truck in front of two-hundred guests in my LBD (little black dress). In a twisted kind of way taking a group image while standing on a vintage fire truck was a personal highlight. Since things like that never occurred to me, it was never on my list. I´m so glad I neither dripped nor fell of that precious thing, while giving directions to the crowd.  

Thank you dear for capturing this!

The last most beautiful thing not-on-the-list was having a dear friend close by for this new exciting adventure. We were sipping cafè on my balcony as Maureen mentioned how much fun it would be to attend a wedding together. She was curious to see me work and I just knew having her around would cool my little nervous mind down tons. Soooo, we giggled about how funny it would be... and then narrowed it down to the exact same wedding we were about to attend the day after. It was her cousin & my client! We did not realise it before. Oh my, we were dying of laughter and chortled giggles.

You are so much fun to be around ;)

Here is to things which are not on my list. To things which make each wedding an adventure. To the unforeseen, which makes me love what I do all the more. And at last, to hopefully not killing frogs the next time.  

Have a lovely week!

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