May 19, 2014

Monday sneak peek

Even if I fancy myself having packed a pretty perfect handbag for this Saturday's wedding... I still find some things missing. You would think there is some kind of routine or predictability when you photograph weddings on a regular basis... but still there are new things coming my way every.single.time.

For example this one... I was just about to overcome my fear of heights once more, while taking a picture on what felt like the 8th  balcony of the church. Let me just tell you it was a freakin' high church... And I lean over the balustrade to grab this one overview shot as my knee brushes against an old church bench. This second I was thinking to myself how very stupid it would be to hurt my knee and get a splinter.

Not giving it a second thought or second look I kept on the merry picture taking. Fast forward a couple of hours to the family portraits as I brush my hand over the spot on my knee feeling there was indeed some old church bench wood stuck in the skin, which most certainly did not belong there... 
Sorry if it was to detailed. I was grateful I did not feel a thing. Yes this is the wedding-day-adrenalin talking. 
Lesson learned: always put the tweezers in the wedding hand bag. You never know what could happen. ;)

So here I wish you a sweet new Monday with a sneak peek from this most gorgeous wedding of Sarina & Tim.
Can´t wait to share more.

Till soon!

~    Saluti.   ~

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