May 31, 2014

Sport portraits with Linda

 Linda has this ability to challenge me every now and then. She goes wild with ideas and then puts me on the list of do-able. While I still think it is not possible or I could not do it. She already has the faith that I could and can do it. So here is to conquering new challenges. To trying out new fields in photography. As you might have noticed sport photography is not exactly my field. But let me tell you, I´m beyond happy I had the chance to give it a try. So this time was not only sportive but sportive with swords. Linda is training to become a marshal arts instructor and I´m glad to be part of this journey and watch her pushing her own limits. I love how we extend the limits of our own imagination.

And let me tell you coordinating the directions for portraits and the swirling of two swords... not as easy as they make it look!

Thank you Linda for trusting me, for meeting up at 6 am, for making it look impossibly easy and stunningly gorgeous. As always! 

Certainly had a hard time selecting favourites for this one!  

 Love this one Linda! You are so incredibly beautiful!!

A lot of sportive Saluti!

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