July 25, 2014

9 things I know to be true

9 things I know to be true or; stars fall only once.
A bit of life.

1) Eating my morning muslie without a spoon sucks.
2) Fresh basil always has to be next to the stove.
3) Sarah Kay sweeps me off my feet, even after listening to her Ted Talk the 8th time.
4) Having a good friend in walking distance calms my orb of storming winds.
5) I consume more ice cubes than the average German (they don´t get it ;))
6) After years I cannot define the taste of music I have.
7) My relaxing evenings are not at the end of the week.

8) Dreams are the scariest invention ever.
8)The most beautiful moment yesterday was laying with three girls under the dark night sky, stretching above our giggling bodies into expanding infinity, seeing a falling star. All the four of us, none of us went... Ohhh, I did not see it. And then follow the pointed fingers where it had just been. No, stars fall only once. This one? We saw it all. <3

Here are some Instagrams from my mid-week relax.

Here is to lists my friends! What is on yours?

Have the most beautiful weekend!

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