July 31, 2014

What not to do in the castle - Lesson learned

As I found my way the curly dirt road up the hill, I first saw the deers, then the alley of lime trees followed by a gate leading into the first court of the castle... followed by another garden... 
If you think I write about dreams come true way to many times on this Blog... maybe it is because my dreams indeed do come true. I felt like walking in one this past Saturday for sure.
And as I was pondering about this a bit more I realised something.
The more I dream, the more can come true. Right?
There was a new thought.

Lesson learned when shooting in a castle. 

Even if outside looks chilly and rainy... running up and down the stairs between the maiden chambers and the gentlemen's rooms surely is not chilly. But oh, all are under the same roof. I was happiest.

These cute, upholstered, golden-legged, antique chairs are not a good idea to stand on. Not even if it is to take the better angle picture of all the groom´s attire spread out on the bed. Luckily there was a quick hand to hold the chair and prevent my otherwise falling directly on the night blue Hugo Boss. Gosh, that would have been a memorable start.

Rosé rooms with white ceilings and large windows make a hack of a getting ready room. Just saying´.

Being offered a glass of champagne along side the ladies was one of the greatest honours for me... but being offered the German morning beer five minutes later... I simply had to reject.

Here are the last images of the day. <3

Gosh, so in love!

Have a great summery day!

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