July 3, 2014

Married: Sarina & Tim

This day it was for one of us. No, actually two of us, tying the knot. It was a huge get together of our old Campus Crusade group. Many had travelled here. I had gone ahead, the others would follow later.  On the train I was impatiently anticipating the events of this marvellous Saturday. In the living room I was trying to decide where to pin the boutonniere and in the garden catching my breath along side Tim as he first laid eyes on his bride. 
This day was nothing short of magical. One heartfelt embrace followed by the next and one  stunning location drawing us in after the other. 

Never before had I seen so many friends making this event so special and personal as with these two. Every guest had helped to make this day one to never forget for the longest time. 
Being the creative mind Sarina is, she carefully orchestrated all the details into one great melody. Let me tell you; Sarina is the reason I am in love with mint! We had talked about this a year ago and slowly but surely my wardrobe added little mint items to it´s collection. Oh my, this color scheme of hers is a dream come true for me! 
But enough of me... 
I invite you to follow along this journey. To walk the grounds of two castles and toast to their happiness forever after!

Dear Sarina & Tim, you made this day an utter joy! It was an honour to be photographing friends! Thank you infinitely!

Really kinda love all of their portraits ;)

With permission of the Count we walked the garden ^^this means a veryyy happy Rici.

Looove the details!

You are so gorgeous together!

Florals: Sarina & Team
Hair: Sarina´s Mom
Paper goods & decoration: Sarina & Team
Smoking: Hugo Boss
1st portrait location: Schloss Castell
Church: Dekanatskirche St. Johannes in Castell 
Party location: Hotel Klosterbräu

Have a super lovely week!


  1. This is incredibly beautiful! So well done!!! The couple must be so happy with your amazing work!