July 18, 2014

Married: Julia & Andre

With each hilly bend in the road my joy increased for this long anticipated day. I met Julia & Andre last year in Stuttgart and was beyond psyched to travel east for their festivities. To go home, see the hills again, smell the forests & shoot on the grounds of one of my favourite castles in Thüringen. <3
Truly in love with this gorgeous english park and Julia´s radiant smile as she hurried down the isle to meet her soon to be husband. 

After the last shutter was clicked and my work for the day was done, I drove back to the park, grabbed my snacks and laid down in the soft grass. Right in front of the castle. Despite the "Keep of the grass sign". Head over heels I stared at the pointy tips of the english roof. Because this was a moment worth celebrating. Not only to shoot in great locations, but to accompany people and see their moments unfold. 

Dear Julia & Andre, thank you for letting me be part of your day. To come in close and to stay far off. To see your smiles and joy.

Come along to see this utmost sweet couple!

In love with these moments!

Unfortunately we could not get much closer to the castle since it is under construction. The whole interior had been consumed by a fire in the 80s and this makes me long for the next wedding taking place there, indoors. When all work is done. ;)

Do you recognise these friends? Yay! Soon their turn to tie the knot. 

Smitten with so many lovely ladies.

Have a great summery weekend!

 Basilica: Basilika in Breitungen

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