September 10, 2014

Best Way to End a Wedding Day - Christina & Jacob Part II

For me, as the photographer, an excellent wedding day ends with a sunset session. And when there is a sunset like this one, unexpected, after heavy rain and just splendid... well, I´m in heaven.
As I mentioned in Part I of Christina & Jacob´s wedding, this day was full of surprises.
The time which this wonderful couple made for me, just as the light was right, was one of them.
An equally outstanding but totally different surprise waited for all the guests as we returned to the tent. 

Back in winter Christina had informed me that it was impossible to hire her long time favourite band as the wedding band. What was I to know? 
Sometimes the impossible turns into possible and the unexpected into the best party I have had in the longest! 

Prepare yourselves for a journey where the feet are more in the air than on the ground!
A huge shout out goes to the incredible talented guys of the Band Jamaram who made this night unforgettable! (Go over there and check out their music!!)

Christina & Jacob, it is always an honour to document a wedding, but to document a wedding of friends is beyond it. You know me, that I laugh crazy and make the most ridiculous jokes of them all and still you wanted me there. ;) So thank you!
I am grateful to call you friends!

A fav!

Christina, you are my first bride to ever lay down in her wedding gown on the actual big day. Thank you for being so awesome!

It was Christina´s explicit wish that I should include some images of myself ;)

And the award for the most impressive mustache of the evening goes to...

Marta, the bridal dress designer also made the dress of Valeria (middle) and her own (on the right). 

Christina´s dress: by Marta
Wedding Cake & cupcakes: Bäckerei Konditorei Roth
Bridal bouquet: Gärtnerei Reim
Florals: Mamma of the bride
Location: Am Schenkenturm, Würzburg
Wedding band: Jamaram

Special Thanks: Jan (for providing me with all the gear of my dreams)

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Warm greetings from Roma.


  1. das jetzt angekommen? Komisch :D Naja, ich schreibe es lieber nochmal...Rici, du hast dich mal wieder selbst übertroffen!!! WUNDERSCHÖNE BILDER. Wahnsinn! Die Stimmung auf der Party ist so genial eingefangen, da bekommt man das Gefühl selbst dabei gewesen zu sein, herrlich. Auch die Belichtung finde ich toll, weil alles so natürlich und nicht künstlich ist! Ist einfach nen Traum alles! Also irgendwann wenn ich heirate ja...da musst du, also du MUSST meine private Fotofee sein, BITTEEEEEEEE <3 Ich bezahle mit allem was ich habe, Erbsen und Mais sowie ewiger Freundschaft <3 Einfach toll Rici, hach, gleich nochmal durchscrollen! ~ Sarah

    1. Liebste Sarah! Riesigen Dank für die wunderbaren Worte!!! Miss you, mit Erbsen, Mais und co :*