September 1, 2014

Married: Christina & Jacob Part I

It all started in high school as Jacob asked if Christina would be willing to go out with him. This was ten years ago.

Where to begin? A wedding I have been part of as a friend and as a photographer. A wedding which is still fixed in my memory like hardly any other. A day full of surprises. All of them gorgeous and most happy turns of a day unfolding into the unknown. Like asking out a girl in the high school public unsure what her answer will be. 

We started out at Christina´s place, filled with friends from all over Europe. Both had studied abroad several times and have relatives from four different countries. Just imagine the lovely hum of languages mingling <3!

Christina had her dress designed and crafted by our dear friend Marta, which carefully followed instructions to wave a bit of red into all the details.
 Just like the rest of the day. Tipped of by bright red. 
With great love.

For the portraits we continued to one of the most romantic rococo gardens I know so far, right by their house. Oh my, the whimsy in every corner!! Needless to say I went a little crazy on the hyperventilating... 
And then the weather took a turn for the dramatic and started to pour. Like it was middle of October. I remember Christina describing the plan of the day to me... and as I asked for the Plan B, you know... every German outdoor wedding neeeeeeds this Plan B... she said, we don´t think of Plan B. 

One of my most favourite surprises was the sun coming out after the rain. As in, she made shine all her most gorgeous beauty on the party up on that hill, overlooking Würzburg. As the grass dried, games begun and there was nothing in the way of the party unfolding.

Since there are so many favourites of this one there will be a second Blog post with a most lovely sunset shooting and private concert party, like I have never seen before. 
So, come back for more!

Jacob, I´m so glad you insisted on that first date all those years back! I´m so glad you took that leap into the unknown, no Plan B. I´m so glad every time I see that smile you put on Christina´s face. How you make her light up!
I wish you guys all the best for your journey ahead!!! 

There is Marta, dressing the bride! Oh you did a wonderful job, cara

You are so beautiful my friend!

Jup, a favorite.

Sooo many gorgeous faces & moments <3

And then the tallest and the shortest man went for a race.   : )

Come back for more soon!

Have a most lovely week!

Find the Part II of this wonderful affair here.

Christina´s dress: by Marta
City Hall: Veitshöchheim
Portrait location: Rokokogarten Veitshöchheim
Party Location: Am Schenkenturm, Würzburg

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