September 24, 2014

Mint wedding decoration - For those who plan

Here is a post for those who plan.
Occasionally I get asked about good ways to incorporate personal style in a wedding day. There are so many splendid ways to do that! My tip is to focus on one or two things that are important to you, that is part of your journey as a couple. Limit your color scheme to three colours which brings more calmness into the decoration. Let the schemes and elements reappear in different places.
To show you one wedding which I fell in love with this May I selected my favourite details shoots from Sarina&Tim´s wedding
Sarina is a designer & takes great delight in arranging details.
Their most prominent color was mint. Oh yeses! I loved it like nuts! She had many great & also inexpensive ideas and I don´t want to hold them back any longer ;)

Ideas from Sarinas wedding to be inspired by:
- one prominent color
- table cards from their train tickets while traveling back & forth to one another 
- selfmade pennants
- ask family members to dress in your wedding color
- have delicacies which match the theme
- tape mint feathers in vases
- make a mini pennant from coloured scotch tape for your favourite cake
- have table names after cities which are part of your story

Ok, here is a wedding-bathroom selfie. 

Vases: Depot
Florals: Sarina & friends
Cotton: Depot
Mint & golden scotch tape: Party Princess

A creative week to you friends!

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