May 18, 2015

Monday Post - Balcony Bliss

Last week was a wonderful one. I got to travel to Munich and meet with my Italian girls and then to travel some further to Würzburg and see my family chums and hug tight and catch up with many dear hearts. 

I planned to arrive in Würzburg especially for a tiny, wonderful charity cafe my friends organised this Sunday. This way I got to meet and greet many special people. Not planned was the laughter-filled after party on the balcony. Some of us stayed a bit longer and we had this trial of how many people this cozy balcony can hold. Of course the occasional picture snapping in the sunset light was not forgotten.

Other highlights on the journey were getting accused of being Italian on the subway and stealing German tax money. Always a pleasure friendly stranger...
And shooting for the first time in my personal horror scenario: portraits on train tracks. Not that this was one of those tracks where no trains where running anymore... nooo. The result was that both times a train came rattling out way I was the first one jumping skittishly away. You can guess... I did not exactly enjoy. But on wedding days I do quite literally almost anything for images. ;)

Come along for a small glimpse of the more relaxed hours.

Very special ladies. Between us we have shared laughter and tears, high and low lights. The whole range of beauty.

Thanks Lukas, for making us cry with laughter!

Looove this girl! :*

And then this little rad camera surfaced :)

Thank you Mau for this one, I love this shot!

Finally my favourite picture of the evening. This was one of the moments I felt perfectly content with where I was and who was squeezing in around me. The light was about to go out and sparkling it´s evening goodness all over the tiny balcony.

Have a wonderful, warm spring week y´all!

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