May 22, 2015

What is a butterfly moment?

When was the last time you held a butterfly?

Last week I was hanging some laundry on the balcony and one of those tiny, precious guys decided to pay me a visit. He sat on my hand. I mustered its wings. Felt its minuscule feet on the skin of my hand and thought this would be a cool selfie moment. 
But then it occurred to me, you cannot take selfies with butterflies. The mere notion of movement will chase them away and the magic is vanished into thin air.

So then, what is a butterfly moment? 
Many enchanting Wedding moments are like holding a butterfly in your hand. The tingling in your stomach, the sparkle in your eyes as he puts the ring on your hand... The precious moments with dear ones... Chances are that would you take up a camera on you own day... Nothing of what you felt will be captured in the pictures. Butterfly moments can best be captured from the outside. From someone like me. Who chases the magic without holding it in my own hands. To document your day but not being involved myself. To be always close by while you are free to drink each moment as it's comes flowing through your day. 

This is my motivation of why I do, what I do. To be there for the moments when priceless things happen. When an outside eye is the most perfect way of capturing your day. Those are the moments I dream for. Those are the moments I work for and those are the moments I set out to chase.

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