May 7, 2015

Robert - Portrait

Here is one fact about me. Probably you have realised this some while back, but I am a huge procrastinator. There you go. As so often with projects and me being involved they get pushed to the very limit of the deadline. Don´t we all do that? 

One of my favourite part about moving away from Würzburg, if there is any part to be favoured..., was that some projects where finalised in the last week. This way I got to go for some walks, climb some of the lovely hills and shoot some incredible people. Even if the project we where shooting for that particular day is not out in the open yet, I get to share some glimpses of it today. 

Saying goodbye with my camera in hand was very special and I enjoyed every single walk I had this last week. 
Robert, it was loads of fun to roam the hills & see some of your beautiful personality. 
I am very curious what the world will see of you.

Have a marvellous week y´all!!

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  1. gee whiz! where do you find such good-looking models?