October 2, 2015

Wedding Tamara & Nico

The day we met was just lovely. We laughed a lot and she especially as they told their story of quietly looking at each other for semester after semester till finally in their last week at the university Nico summoned the courage to speak to her. It was the sweetest story and I think I fell in love with them that day. To trump all this they got engaged in Bolzano where I once have studied. You can image we had plenty to share. 

Tamara enchanted me with her classy yet modern style. Her dress is a special design by her and a dress maker from Munich. Oh Gosh! And then there are those portraits where she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. But see it for yourself!

I loved this couples take on the day.Every minute they had, they spend with their guests at the most charming little mill near Stuttgart. 
It was a wonderful day to be their photographer! Tamara & Nico, you are truly wonderful together! Thank you for asking me along!!

And a big swoon, over those wonderful Jimmy Choo´s! <3

Loved her bow! 
( and she had a second color! )

Have a wondeful weekend y´all! Go out and have a walk in this splendid autumn sun!

Party location: Eselsmühle 

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