October 19, 2015

Today I wear my PJ to work - Monday Post

Don't´we all love wearing our pyjama?

The unusual about my past weekend was that I shot two weddings in a row. Not the usual one short, one long wedding. No, two long ones. While Friday I got to be at one of my favourite locations south of Stuttgart again, Saturday I shot at a greenhouse wedding!  What joy & beauty awaited. 

This aside I knew I had to prepare the days with sleep and rest well in advance. I packed my favourite food and prepped the car with some stay awake music for driving home late at night. Then there was only the agonising outfit choices to be prepared. Believe it or not... Friday I wore my PJ to work. 
Not what you think, editing in front of the screen, not-seeing-a-single-soul-work-day. It was a wedding day. :) 
There you go, how to wear an italian dress and a PJ top. 
Since I totally forgot to ask someone to take my picture, here is another one, with the same pyjama top. :)

Other highlights were, that I was told I speak Italian with a Spanish accent from a Sicilian. Always a pleasure. And then Sunday (brain function about zero) I placed four baby vases on the mattress of my bed and ten minutes later lifted the mattress to open the bed-drawer... Yeah, my advice: don´t do that...

Here is to rocking your long weekends & being cozy while doing so! 

Have the most wonderful new week!!

Pyjama top: Ralph Lauren Sleepwear (as in 2012)
Dress: Intimissimi
Photo: Thank you ! Jan

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