October 5, 2015

Fall and Celebrations - Monday Post

I woudln´t have believed it earlier this year but September turned out to be my busiest month. I have shot three long and three short weddings and minor shootings during the week. As the past Saturday came I was excited that my weekend had two full days of pause. 

Not only this but also German Unity Day. I like this day. It is a day I love spending with people I could not have hung out with would the wall not have crumbled. I like this day because it is a reminder that peaceful revolution is possible. I like this day because we have this immense gift of living in a free country. This in times where waves of displaced people remind us that political and religious freedom are not always for granted.
For that and all the other good reasons I asked some very precious ladies to share the day. We had an extended brunch and then a walk in the fall goodness. 

Come along for a happy mash of impressions from this day.

Toasting to a united country <3

Ever since seeing The Age of Adaline I am in love with the style of the movie, and the 60s. 

 And then I told Anna I wanted some long hair images of us, before I cut my hair... ;)
nooo, it just felt like a good moment. 

Have the most lovely new week!!

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