March 29, 2016

Lisbon Project - A Recap

If you have been following along on my Instagram, you will have noticed that I was in Portugal for two weeks at the beginning of March. 
Since March was the only month with zero weddings as this enquiry came, I thought why not. It was a mission trip organised by Campus Connect Berlin. And even if I knew none of the team and I am super shy, let alone go on Campus & share about my believe, I decided to go jump in at the deep end.
I mean you cannot walk around and always say you don´t like something, unless you have tried it. 

So there I was, first flight and on my way. Since German Winter is a especially foolish when you mean to leave the country (it has happened before) I lost my connection in Frankfurt. Defrosting took almost an hour & despite my effort to run for fifteen minutes & almost collapsing at the Lufthansa counter I did not make it. But then I got a meal and a drink on the house & arrived still on time with the others from Berlin.

Why did I join this project?
Personally it was all for trying out something new. To test my own limits & learn from God. 
The group aim was to support the new founded group in Lisbon & find believers on all Campuses who would be interested in leading a christian student movement. Basically what I do on my free time in Stuttgart. Just that I did never before do surveys on Campus.

For two weeks we shared a house, got to know the local Campus (Cru) team, met with students & did surveys on campus. It was a challenging & good experience. So here you will find  a mix of images from the training / campus days & the evenings when we toured the city.
One of my favourite nights was as we visited a local Fado bar & listened to the heart breaking songs. And meeting a dear friend of mine from way back, which I meet like every three years. Such a joy! Well basically any good light moment and any honest conversation counts as a favourite. So it is hard to decide. ;)

This was the first get together at our place. We had a mega huge apartment with antique furniture. This alone made me tremendously happy ;)

And a baby pup to keep the joy coming. Her name is Lola and she speaks Portuguese & English.

 Campo tecnico, where I spent most of my days. Loved the view & the sun.

 Our street.

 The view from San Sebastian, where we stayed, all the way down to the harbour.

The night of the Fado.
We were deeply impressed by this gentleman singing with is ninety-two years and apparently being one of the well know Fado poets of the country. 

 On the 28 attempting a group selfie.

 Practising my model face, but then I crack and this happens.

 At the water front for sundown. 
 It was sooo good to see you & catch up, Sudeep! 

 This is what happens when others take the pic. But it is nice that the gentlemen are on focus. ;)

Visiting Belém for Sunday

Them aim of this afternoon was simply to sit by the river rushing to the ocean, and breath. 

Germany is not only hard to get away from but also hard to get back to.

On the last day, I was actually sad to leave this town. I had just warmed up to sharing and asking students about their belief.

These two students we met on the very first day. Portuguese people in general are very friendly, open & warm. Something which made me feel at home right away. But these two blew our mind with their kindness & friendly way to help us out in any possible way. It was such a valuable experience to meet you guys! Thank you so!

 And the house we peeked at from our window every day.
Be inspired & have a marvellous week!

Ps, there will be more from Portugal & a small picturesque village we spent the last two days in.


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