March 21, 2016

Words I Never Thought I Would Hear - Monday Post

SO last week I returned very reluctantly and only after having shed a certain amount of tears home to Germany. As in, why don´t I stay here at the beach for... about, hum? ...-ever.

I can´t believe that seven days ago I sneaked out of our beach home, walked to the ocean´s shore with three other lovelies & watched the sunrise over the far-off silhouette of Lisbon. The only other beings awake were the fishermen in their little boats & birds singing their morning glory.

But now for the words I never thought I would hear:

Among the top ones is of course this sentence: Don´t forget your chandelier.
It was our Sunday off and we spent it exploring Belem, when we discovered a flea market. As I found this little tiny chandelier I decided there and then to make space in my suitcase and go for it. Of course only after a good bargain. 
There will  be chandelier images coming your way.

The second best sentence: I have to light the fire, mother. 
Our first night at the beach house & let me tell you those little cute houses have almost no heating. I mean I get it... it is still over ten degrees. But as spoiled west Europeans, Brazilians, Ukrainians & Americans we were all freezing our hineys off. Therefore the majority of the group decided to keep the spirits high while chopping onions & speaking in fake British accent imitating Jane Austen characters.
I meddled with the fire wood in the living room & which was rather a challenge due to missing match boxes or lighters. Finally I decided to take one of the girls & march over to the restaurant next door, with a candle in hand - no less - to carry the fire home. Obviously.

I can´t remember laughing so much while shielding the miniature candle with our hands on the way. The face of the friendly whilst bewildered restaurant host was so worth it!
Kayla & I arrived at the door with the candle to light the rest of the candles & kindle the fire. Happy end.

A creative Monday to you!


  1. Forget about the blog, look at the place and pictures. It looks so calm and cool, I want to experience it. Thank you fr osahring it with us

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