May 21, 2012

Some years ago, when I studied in the very north of Italy (now, I know I sound old) I shared the house with a bunch of very lovely, maybe slightly weird and a crazy mix of international people. In my six months with this funny crowd we grew so close, traveled, had late night talks, ping-pong and card game competitions. It was a very intense time and I have never felt so down leaving a place in my life. Just because of the people. Because they are what matters. And I am almost sure there are some I might never see again.  Others, I happily say, decide to come and visit. So my greatest joy last week was a visit of this awesome Lady. I feel we are almost a part of a family. She belongs to my Bolzano family. And that is why I feel authorized to be proud of any of these folks and of whatever they might do. Maria, my friend who came to see me in my Tuscany, is graduating this week in Prague, in one very fine international program. And even better she got a PhD offer of a super good university. As I said I am proud. Of her and of any other family member from the good ol´times. This is Maria, a particular beautiful family friend. Good luck for the weekend!

I wish you all a beautiful week!

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