June 2, 2014

Monday - how not to work

We met up early on the Saturday, as we searched for towels, scissors, cleaning agents and spread across the building in pairs of two or three to get some serious spring cleaning done. To tackle the layers of months past, to wipe away, thin the plants, paint the walls, fix the chairs and clean the windows. 
It was a Saturday and call me nuts, but it was special to me. You might could have come up with more creative ideas of what to do with my Saturday off... But I had actually looked forward to this pimp my church action we had at the church which is providing the rooms and facilities for our Christ Crusade group. 

It was special to me because I could wind down and work along side some precious people. At times shared work is better than just sitting next to each other across a table. At times kneeling on the floor or struggling with the humongous window panes will bring you closer together. 

But there was more... due to state holidays and alike this weekend expanded into a mini break. This was not always as easy for me. You see, when you work passion motivated like I do, it is incredibly hard to not always keep running. To not skim photography Blogs, to not edit the last wedding which is wanting to meet a deadline, to not scribble down the next Blog post while waiting for the bus, to not over analyse why the white balance does not work...
To just stop for more than half a day.

Here is what happened: after having dealt with my bad conscience of not working and maybe having compiled one or two Blog posts, I stopped. I met with one friend or the other. We had wine tasting in the city, lemon tart in a cozy cafè, Sushi at night, a BBQ outside of town, a dress fitting for a friend (oh yeah, more to come), some serious chillin´ in the sun, getting gelato and walking up to the castle. Oh and soOo much more. 
I could not believe how beautifully day after day followed the next, how being spontaneous and having time at hand formed a well structured base for simply existing and sharing with friends.  :) 

So I guess this weekends lesson learned sounds something like: take the break when it jumps at you. 

 Here is a small collection of favourites!

And then the grill party. Finally the rain left ^^. 

 These girls are the font of so many joys for me! So here you go!

 I know this one is not focused... but still I love it, because it shows what we do best. Cracking up about the other.

Have a fabulous new week!

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