June 16, 2014

A different Monday story

This Mondays story is not about a wedding. It was Wednesday morning as one of my cultural studies professors approached me with a special request. She knew I was a photographer on the side (during the week I'm still a student/ tutor at university) and inquired if I could document an opening ceremony for a rather huge American Study conference. 

This was how I found myself on Thursday afternoon scouting a huge renaissance church in the middle of Würzburg surrounded by security people. Yes, you read that right. Huge security guys swarming all the good hiding places between columns and side aisles.

As it turns out there was the US ambassador John B. Emerson amon the honored guests and first speakers.  

So there I was, holding my breath, trying to tiptoe around the facility as unsuspicious as possible, while carrying my smile to get in all the corners of the building. It was the most beautiful thing to see how far a friendly smile goes. Let me take a moment to emphasis that three of the six bodyguards inside the church responded to my smile! That I did not get tackled to the ground is the second biggest success I count for the afternoon.

Here is to melting the big guys and wikipediaing all the honored speakers beforehand to be prepared of who among the 400 guests is who

Talking with the keynote speaker: Robert Bullard from Texas.

Event: Conference Opening of "America After Nature" The 61th Annual Convention of the GAAS (find Link here

Place: Neubau Kirche Würzburg

Have a great new week!

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