June 12, 2014

Open letter to a friend

My dear friend,

today I write a letter to you, because I want you to know something important.
Sometimes when we sit across the table, in-between California rolls and nigiri plate...  and you dare to tell of dreams... you let them slip into the conversation every now and then.... I see a glimmer in your eyes. A passion kept quietly away, close to your heart. And I want you to know; these passions tamed to be still, the ones which scare you... you carry them for a reason! Those silent dreams are there for a purpose.

And when with quiet tears at the corner of our eyes, you timidly let go of the unhappiness stored away, of situations you simply don´t want to be in...
I hear it and I want you to know: you don´t have to stay there.

And when people treat you unjustly, when they break a part in your beautiful inner self, when they throw dirt at you and when they make you feel small...
I want you to know: you can leave that room. You can leave it and close that door behind you.
Because you deserve to be treated with kindness and warm respect.
 Because you deserve to be encouraged, not belittled. You deserve much better than this. Each and every single day. You deserve a situation in life which makes you reach your potential.
  You deserve it.
You deserve it.

And when you voice with doubts the fears breaking loose... I tell you, yes you have the strength to change and leave for better things to come your way. I tell you, yes that is scary. It scares me too, and that is ok. Because we have these dreams. Oh and dreams, :) dreams go a loooong way. Much higher and longer than we can phantom. You don´t have to plunge into the unknown, you know? You can take small steps. One. after. the. other.
Because you deserve it.
And I will be right here. Walking beside you.
I just wanted you to know.

Your dreamer-friend.

See you soon!

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