June 5, 2014

Viola and the glittery light

Back then as we were still living in the same city, she was my number one. My number one for taking out and practising the new things I had recently found on the web. The number one for movie nights and we made my brother jealous. You see Viola is my brothers wife and my sister-in-law but I always call her sistaaa (with three a).

During the last months Viola and my brother have supported my like no other. From all the weekends this past winter it felt like I spent at least half of the time at their place in Stuttgart. 
I have to say, I really love to travel there and spend a couple of days. Not only for the client meetings and business fun. Because it always means I have some time with these two lovely guys. 

A couple of weeks back I had just gotten the new gear from Jan, which made me all jittery to my toes. I had to take Viola out for a stroll in the park. A bit like back in the days, as we were still living in the same city. (read ten-minutes-on-bike-distance)
So, this one is for you, my dear! <3

We had some great light. 
 (playing around with the focal length ;))

Working it. You are such a beautiful lady! So glad you are not only my brothers wife, but one of my closest friends!

Have a lovely rest of the week!!


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