June 30, 2014

The Monday after a free weekend

How else to relax better with an exam session rolling up dangerously close to this week, than to go on a bike tour with friends?!
I had a free weekend and just knew I wanted to be part of this. A bunch of friends from Campus Crusade, sixteen bikes, two days away.
Before us the road, above us pouring clouds... well that the weather had been kind would be the understatement of the year... but somehow all of that crumbled into insignificance as the group grew closer with each bend in the road and the conversations deepened with each hill left behind.
As the hearty welcome of arriving was shared, changed into dry clothes and the fire lit... all was forgotten and before us was time. Time to spent, with the cellphone put far away, to listen to the birds, the cracking of wood, to each other and to God.

We were hosted most kindly on the grounds of friends. The barn to us, flowers on the table, a fridge filled and a dry place to sleep... this is what I call glamping. ;)

I might have been slightly exhausted, but I still give directions of what to do with the camera... ;)

Have a beautiful new week!

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