August 28, 2014


They met during a cultural exchange between Belarus and Germany. What was a brief encounter turned into a second exchange and this eventually developed into a friendship. Across borders and languages, they found their own language of staying in touch, being close and dreaming up plans. One of them came true on this cold April day at one of my favorite places in Stuttgart.  Which made it not only a day of their dreams but also of mine.

 The castle Solitude is truly the ultimate romantic location I can dream of and even on a very chilly Saturday you guys filled it with warm laughter. Thank you for joking so freely, for laughing and giggling along. 
Dear Alena & Ingo-Felix, never before have I laughed so much during a client meeting than with you!!
Thank you for making me falling in love with what I do even more!!
You guys are great!

Gosh, Alena! Your smile! It is wonderful!!

Isn´t her style most adorable?!?

I shoot this wedding for Jan, you can find the German Blog post over here.

Chapel and portrait location: Schloss Solitude

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