August 4, 2014

The Monday post - pouring rain & le ragazze

The clouds rolled in, with the wind picking up, I searched my way to the hills near Würzburg as the car went quiet. 
I will be honest with you my mood was low ... even lower. The wedding was planned entirely as an outdoor event and the prospect of a tent packed with loads of guests was nothing for my slightly claustrophobic self.

After a full hour of wet from above... oh happy day... the sky cleared and we had the most amazing time outside with the panorama of the city spreading below the hills.

Not only was it the day I spent with my ragazze (my italian girls) one of us tied the knot and oh boy! Nothing like a good international wedding party!

Oh, the dress was designed and created by Marta (on the left). You will see more of it!!

I was of course happiest to have time with the sunset light working its magic and the cutest couple on earth.
Still I was even more surprised as Christina´s favourite band appeared on the scene. The exact group which she had most detailed described  to me as not realisable for their wedding. Yes, lets just say, she takes great delight in surprising her friends.

So here is to beautiful surprises and the sun coming out again!
Happy Monday!!

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