August 20, 2014

My summer in between

Every now and then people ask me what I do during the week... when I don´t shoot weddings. Most people know that weddings happen on the weekends ;) and assume that during the week I am well... not as productive.
Usually I study and teach in university. I take classes, do the student thing and also edit. Now that my summer has fully begun (read, last exam over and term paper handed in) it was time to take off and let summer rain on me.
So I am most happy to write that for the rest of summer I am free of university obligations and truly can take time to roam, to be creative and to drive around the country to visit friends.
This is exactly what I did last week. 

So this is my invitation to join my summer in between. In between the weddings and in between the weekends. In between meetings with couples and preparing for the bliss of what  I gladly call my work.
I decided that my summer break does not have to be scheduled out of the wedding season. I decided it is right here. In the middle. In between.
Small breaks to recharge. And share time with friends.

 These were from Mau´s garden, I love all the wonderful flowers and ran all crazy over it while she lit the fire. ^^

This was exploring Kloster Bebenhause in the the rain. Jup preparation for a new wedding. 

At Tübingen, to warm our wet feet. I like this one because you see both of our messy hair do´s peaking up.

And then in Munich, with this lovely girl!

And these where my only shoes in my luggage which were not sandals. Since when (!!!) did August in Germany get so cold?!?
I was entirely unprepared for this week of travels. 

Aaand here are some instagrams from last week:

Have a most beautiful summer week. may yours be filled with splendid rays of sun!

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