August 7, 2014

Steffi & Sam - sunrise couple session

 Night was still in the air, I was in the historic centre of town, listening to the rare sounds. 
Waiting. Filling my lungs to wake up.
Then they came around the corner. Both on his bike, she safely in his arms. She blinked at me, unbelieving. Oh, is this what we do?
I greeted them with embraces and let Steffi in on the secret Sam & I had prepared for them.
Honestly? Nothing like surprising friends! Nothing like it.

I have no idea how Sam woke Steffi up at 4.30 am and not tell her a word of the reason. She just followed him into town, not knowing what awaited her. Having no clue of our session till the very second of seeing me. :)

These two are part of my most beloved Würzburg family and just how every year, students move on. To conquer new places and find new paths. This is what these two love birds will do. But not before we walked one last time across the Alte Mainbrücke (historic bridge) and sat next to the river side as we watched the sun rays awake.

Steffi & Sam, it is always an honour to portray friends. Thank you for trusting me & sharing these morning moments.
I wish you all the best on your road!

I love your smiles!!!

A favorite.

Have a beautiful day!

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