March 18, 2015

Engagement shoot with Anna & Chris

One of the things I look forward most in the next weeks, is moving in with my new roomy. 
After the first handshake and laughter shared I had the feeling this would be a very good idea. Of course we only spent very few days in our new place yet, but every day we met we made some time to talk. I am so very much looking forward to talking, dreaming, being and praying some more. Of sharing the quiet and loud days. Of planning up till August sweeps through our calendars and gathering ideas for Blogposts together ;)

Funny things is, she already lived in our place for some time, I will follow soon. About four weeks after her time had started in Stuttgart I received a Whatsapp going something like, Rici!!!! look we got engaged!!!!!! 
After a good deal of squeaking and excitement it was clear we had to get out together. Out and about to the place where her fiancée had sung her song, had asked this one breathtaking question and clinked some bubbly. 

So here, let me introduce my sweetest and most beautiful new roomy & the man who holds her heart. You Two, thank you for this wonderful time, for joking around and for looking so impossibly smashing together! 
Your joy is so very radiant! I can´t wait for more to come :)

Do you see what I mean? So much sweetness! 

Love your smiles!

Have the most wonderful spring week friends!

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